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The Ganymede Story

We decided to name our second venue ‘Ganymede’ after the largest Moon of Jupiter. We here at The LPC also value legacy and know that 139 Ebury Street, in its previous incarnation, was named The Ebury Wine Bar – an institution. Thus, as to give a nod to its heritage, we believe the name Ganymede is apt, as in Greek Mythology – Ganymede was a Trojan Aristocrat who was kidnapped by Zeus while the King of the Gods was in the form of an eagle and Ganymede was taken to the top of Mount Olympus to become ‘the Wine Pourer/Cupbearer to the Gods for all eternity’.

The Lunar Pub Company is so named to honour the romantic connection between the night’s sky and frivolity. George Orwell wrote a beautiful essay in 1946 about his idea of the perfect British Pub – a hypothetical pub – which he named ‘The Moon Under Water’.

We look forward to welcoming you in to our distinctive LPC venue with a focus on fine wine and food served up by people who love the British Pub.