Sunday Menu


Rabbit and pistachio terrine, toasted rye bread and burnt onion emulsion

Beef cheek lasagna, celeriac puree, button mushrooms and red wine jus

Cured halibut, jalapeno, yoghurt dressing, pickled cucumber and lambs leaf

Soused Cornish mackerel and rillette, prawn toast and cucumber dressing

Truffled cauliflower soup, cep and comté scone


Main course

Crisp suckling pork belly with parsnip puree, pommes cocotte and turnips

Fillet of Cornish hake, white bean puree, roast salsify, burnt caper and lemon dressing

Roast corn-fed chicken, stuffed leg, sandy carrots, roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding

Roast sirloin of beef, green beans, caramelised shallot, roast potatoes , horseradish and Yorkshire pudding

Cauliflower steak and puree, sandy carrots, green beans, roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding



Treacle tart and clotted cream

Apple and blackberry crumble, crème anglaise and vanilla ice cream

White chocolate crème brulee and blueberry compote

Spiced pineapple carpaccio, kaffir lime and coconut

Selection of cheese from La Fromagerie



Truffled pecorino fries

Tender heart cabbage, ranch sauce, duqqa

Green beans and confit shallots

Sunday sides

An optional 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.
Please inform us of any allergies and intolerances, a full list of ingredients is available on request.
(n) = contains nuts