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Hubert Beatson-Hird

Having demonstrated versatility within the hospitality industry over the last 10 years, catering private events, managing late-night venues, and launching a number of pubs in the Fulham area, Hubert Beatson-Hird has started this new venture, as Owner Director of Lunar Pub Company.

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With an insatiable passion for food and drink, and a keen focus on high quality of service, Hubert is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Lunar Pub Company, beginning with its first site, The Hunter’s Moon pub and dining room in Chelsea. Hubert will oversee the hiring, management and training of all staff, as well as work towards facilitating the continual growth of the business, with the view of opening two further sites in the next three to four years.

Having previously held senior positions at a number of pubs in South West London, including Duty Manager at The Sands End in Fulham, and Assistant General Manager at The Brown Cow (DM Pubs Group) in Fulham, Hubert has proved his capability in ensuring high standards of customer service and satisfaction in some of London’s most established pubs. His most recent position as General Manager of The Mitre in Fulham saw him re-launch the business and the entire marketing strategy, in addition to managing the site on a day-to-day basis and successfully increasing profitability.

His success in these fields led to his desire to launch his own venture. To ensure he was adequately prepared for the role, he undertook a Business Management course at Oxford Business School, acquiring greater knowledge in the fields of Accountancy, Marketing and Contract Law.

Oliver Marlowe

With nearly two decades of experience working in the kitchen of a number of top establishments, Oliver Marlowe has started this venture, and assumed the position of Owner Chef Director. Marlowe has co-founded the new pub group with Owner Director Hubert Beatson-Hird.

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Marlowe has co-founded the new pub group with Owner Director Hubert Beatson-Hird, after having worked successfully together at The Sands End in Fulham, where Marlowe was Executive Chef for The D.M Group.

In his position, Oliver is responsible for the curation of all menus for Lunar Pub Company, beginning with its first site – The Hunter’s Moon pub and dining room in Chelsea. Oliver will create daily changing modern European menus, making use of the best seasonal ingredients from top quality suppliers, including La Fromagerie, Mersea Oysters and Fish For Thought. Oliver will also oversee the recruitment and day-to-day management of all kitchen staff.

Having previously held Executive Chef positions at a number of pub groups, as well as Michelin-starred The Glasshouse and Chez Bruce, Oliver has worked under some of the best names in the industry. Prior to this, he held the position of Executive Chef for Cityglen Pub Co, managing and developing the menus, staff operations and procurement for three food focused pubs, including two new openings.


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